At Red Ski Creative we jumped at the opportunity to work with Monica Parker and help her brand her new start-up retail company, Wild Orchid Boutique, based in Katonah, New York. As fearless female entrepreneurs ourselves, we believed in Monica’s brand and wanted to help make her dream of opening a unique clothing boutique a success!

After 20 years of raising a family and working as a pediatric occupational therapist, Monica decided to embark on a new chapter and return to her prior background in fashion retail.  For Red Ski, this job was a full-blown, start-to-finish brand buildout. We were responsible for designing and launching Wild Orchid’s website, business cards, print copywriting and advertising, initial email blast, Facebook and Instagram accounts, and interior photography.

 The concept for Wild Orchid came into fruition following months of research conducted by Red Ski Creative, which resulted in us aiding Monica develop a distinct aesthetic style to differentiate her brand. We zeroed in on defining Wild Orchid Boutique’s identity as a destination boutique where women can find unique clothing to update their style or find an occasion piece, at an intimate local venue, without having to go to a mall or large retailer. With a plethora of talented designers to choose from, we helped Wild Orchid select an eclectic collection of dresses, denim, sweaters, tops, resort and swimwear. 

For RSC, helping Monica open her dream boutique in Katonah was a dream come true for us, too!


Website Design, Marketing Collateral, Print Advertising, Social Media Launch, Email Blast, Interior Photography