Pedifix Foot Care

One of the biggest problems for established brands is the precarious balancing act of maintaining coherence and focus as a brand while still allowing room for growth, change and modification. No brand is ever perfect and there is always likely to be people that you could appeal to more or an aspect of your message that needs to be amplified.


Our initial design project for Pedifix®, a trusted medical foot care company based in Putnam County, New York, involved redesigning the packaging for Shoe Zap®, their shoe sanitizer. Afterward, this 130-year-old, 4th generation family-owned company was so pleased that they hired us  to revamp all of their product packaging, which was getting lost in the foot care  landscape. The job required overall package redesign to strengthen shelf appeal and attract more consumers.

But how do you add charm and appeal to product lines that address corns, hammertoes, bunions and more that, well, let’s face it, does not scream vibrant and attractive. But at RSC, that’s what we are all about, helping our clients find compelling visual solutions and to stand out in cluttered marketplaces.

As was the case with the Shoe Zap® product, all of the packaging was dated, inconsistent and did not clearly represent Pedifix as a long-established, cutting-edge leader whom doctors recommend most.  RSC took on this tall order and designed a revolutionary package design system that boosts the brand package by introducing fresh new graphics that help Pedifix stand out more successfully amongst it’s competition, communicate key messages quickly and easily and foster emotional connections with new and loyal consumers.

 With these brand updates, the Pedifix brand can now stay a step ahead of its competitors. (Ha!)


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