When the well-known clothing outdoor company Terramar came to RSC  in need of revitalizing the brand image of their baselayer products to separate themselves from the competition, we were overjoyed! This job fit squarely in our wheelhouse (to mix metaphors) since we are gear heads ourselves and love skiing and hiking in the great outdoors.  We understand the importance of correct layering for outdoor adventures and getting that first layer (baselayer) right is huge. 

Committed to Terramar’s success we overhauled the design of the  entire line—25 of Terramar’s baselayer packages (men, women, kids, and Thermasilk). Our objective: invigorate the audiences interest in the product line while reestablishing the brand’s positon in the crowded outdoor clothing market.

 This project was extremely comprehensive and required RSC to not only do all the design work but also to manage the project and produce all the mechanicals for production. For the logo, we used a beautiful image of “moody” mountains (to suggest that the product is used outside) in different colors for the men’s’, women’s’, kids’, and Thermasilk products.  We also made the word BASELAYER large and had it hot stamped to further make the point that Terramar is the leader and expert in baselayer products.  The kids’ design shows kids playing outside in all four seasons. 

 RSC also recommended that Terramar use a stamp to highlight the warmth level and designate the product style to cut down on packaging garbage that might end up in landfills.  In addition, we designed all sides of the package. For the back we came up with cool icons for the product technology and benefits, as well as the Climasense sub logo that appears on the front of the pack, and  the size chart.  

 At the end of the day, we played an intrinsic part in this brand’s new identity. Terramar’s overall brand slogan, by the way, is “Engineered by scientists and designed by gear heads.” Ain’t that the truth!


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